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The Meg (2018)
Year, country:
Jon Turteltaub
Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson
1h 53min
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In the past, Jonas Taylor went through a terrible test that changed his life forever: the protagonist of the Meg: Monster of the Depth tape saw a huge prehistoric monster during another dive under water. After a shocking meeting, in which no one still believes, the man gave up diving, leaving the profession of a pilot of deep-sea vehicles. Since then, he has concentrated on paleontology, of which he is now a professor. Having become interested in the origin of the megalodon, Jonas managed to release several books on this topic, and he also regularly lectures, trying to prove that prehistoric monsters can exist today. The ill-fated dive ended in real tragedy for Jonas, so for several years he did not even think to return under water. But one day the hero receives a tempting offer from a group of skeptics who discovered a depression in the ocean, the depth of which exceeds 12 kilometers. Intrigued, Taylor agrees to take part in an even deeper dive than his previous record. He fears that the encounter with the predator could be repeated, but assumes that the chances are minimal. Going down under the water with his colleagues, the man does not realize that the monster is already waiting for them there.

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