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Favorites Bel Canto (2018)

Bel Canto (2018)
Year, country:
Paul Weitz
Julianne Moore, Ken Watanabe, Sebastian Koch
1h 40min
Bel Canto (2018) stream online in FilmsCLUB.org

Roxanne Coss is a world-class opera diva. In the story of "Belcanto" she came to South America. Here she needs to speak at a reception at the Japanese tycoon on the occasion of his birthday. Gathered only the most noble persons, the high society. Everything is going according to the previously planned scenario. Guests are having fun and nothing portends trouble.

Suddenly, terrorists led by General Benjamin break into the mansion. They took 490 people hostage. The bandits demand from the authorities to release the rebel prisoners. As a result, the terrorists and hostages lived for a whole month in the occupied mansion.

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