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Favorites The Bay of Silence (2020)

The Bay of Silence (2020)
Year, country:
Paula van der Oest
Claes Bang, Olga Kurylenko, Brian Cox
1h 33min
The Bay of Silence (2020) stream online in FilmsCLUB.org

Will and Rosalind will soon become parents again. However, during childbirth, the irreparable happens and one of the babies dies. Rosalind is very depressed and Will worries about it. Everything is turned upside down when Rosalind mysteriously disappears with her three children. Will is forced to travel all over Europe in search of his family. In a small village in the north of France, he still manages to find his wife and children. The joy of the meeting is clouded by suspicions about his wife's alleged murder of his son. As the mystery of the past and the unsolved murders behind his wife's actions gradually take on a dark and menacing form, Will is determined to find the truth, no matter the cost ...

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