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Favorites InstaFame (2020)

InstaFame (2020)
Year, country:
Nick Everhart
Nicky Whelan, Laura Wiggins, Makenzie Vega
InstaFame (2020) stream online in FilmsCLUB.org

The main character of the film is a high school student named Kelly. Recently, the girl goes to a new school. Unfortunately, not all of her classmates liked Kelly in the class, but she still managed to find new friends - Maddy and Ava. In their class there was a girl named Sasha, who is a real bitch. She loved to be in the spotlight, so after the appearance of a newcomer she began to scoff at her and in every possible way to ridicule the low social status of her parents. Kelly was not taken aback and immediately began self-defense. So, the heroine, along with her friends, began to make fun of Sasha on the Internet. In the course of the events it turned out that the girl was simply obsessed with social networks and now Meddy and Ava are under threat. Maddie's mother, Gwen, comes to the girls' defense. She is ready to do anything to protect her baby ...

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