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Favorites Curse of the Blind Dead (2020)

Curse of the Blind Dead (2020)
Year, country:
Raffaele Picchio
Aaron Stielstra, Alice Zanini, Francesca Pellegrini
1h 27min
Curse of the Blind Dead (2020) stream online in FilmsCLUB.org

In the XIII Inquisition managed to catch the Knights Templars, and right at the moment when they were engaged in the satanic ritual. After they were sentenced to death by burning. But just before their death, the knights took an oath that they would return from their graves in order not only to take revenge on their offenders, but also on all of humanity. Many centuries later, in the world after a nuclear war, a man and his daughter, trying to escape from marauders, find refuge in a half-abandoned monastery, where the mysterious Master created a semblance of a semi-pagan cult. At first, the couple are greeted friendly, however, upon learning that the girl is pregnant, the Master begins to mumble about some kind of ritual and they realize that the case smelled fried.

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