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Favorites Holly Slept Over (2020)

Holly Slept Over (2020)
Year, country:
Joshua Friedlander
Nathalie Emmanuel, Kimberly G. Grader, Erinn Hayes
1h 27min
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Noel and Audra are a young married couple who have not been able to conceive a child for a long time. Endless cycle calculations and regular
attempts led to the fact that a spark disappeared between the spouses. They have problems in bed, which leads to mutual dissatisfaction. They increasingly begin to quarrel, which does not suit both. Trying to spice up their relationship, Audra tells her husband about her past adventures. She confesses to him that she had sex with an attractive roommate in college. Then Audra and Holly just wanted to experiment. This story haunts Noel, and after a while Holly comes to their house to stay a little with an old friend ...
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