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Trigger (2020)
Year, country:
Chris Stokes
Flex Alexander, Obba Babatundé, Ashley Broussard
1h 7min
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Artem Streletsky (Maxim Matveev) - psychologist, professional provocateur, practicing "shock" method of psychotherapy. Most psychologists "babysit" with clients, listen to complaints about life for six months, sympathize - and receive tidy sums for a course of sessions. Artyom provokes clients, insults them, laughs at them, deliberately adjusts awkward situations and deliberately pushes them out of the zone of psychological comfort. Provocations activate in the human psyche the desire to immediately deal with their problems, and the solution is found very quickly - literally in one or two sessions. Artem's practice thrives until one of Streletsky's clients lays hands on himself. Released after four years of imprisonment in the case of driving to suicide, Artyom firmly intends to fix everything - to prove his innocence and return his beloved wife Dasha (Svetlana Ivanova) ...
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