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Favorites Human Capital (2020)

Human Capital (2020)
Year, country:
Marc Meyers
Liev Schreiber, Marisa Tomei, Peter Sarsgaard
1h 38min
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At one of the parties, the teenager begins to feel bad. He thinks he’s just sick or has too much alcohol, so he decides to go home. But on the way, a terrible tragedy happens to him, which excites the entire quiet town. In the center of events are several families belonging to different strata. While adults were busy at work or paid all their attention to younger children, their older offspring had matured long ago and had already begun to make mistakes. A real estate agent finds out that his daughter is having an affair with the son of a simple worker. But that is not all. The relationship of adolescents is fictitious and aimed at ensuring that the guy hides his unconventional orientation ...
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