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Favorites Last Three Days (2020)

Last Three Days (2020)
Year, country:
Brian Ulrich
Robert Palmer Watkins, Thomas Wilson Brown, Deborah Lee Smith
1h 26min
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Dave is an experienced police officer who specializes in undercover work. He easily adapts to any situation and very quickly finds a common language with a new environment. His new task is to infiltrate a dangerous criminal group with huge connections. He easily penetrates the bandit society and very quickly becomes "his". Everything is going just fine, and the hero manages to figure out the leaders who are in the shadows. But one day he wakes up in an empty house and discovers that his partner and beloved wife have disappeared. In addition to all this, the hero realizes that the memories of the last three days of his life have been erased from his memory. Will he be able to restore all the events and understand what happened? ..

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