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Favorites Spell (2020)

Spell (2020)
Year, country:
Mark Tonderai
Omari Hardwick, Loretta Devine, Lorraine Burroughs
1h 31min
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Markus is a successful lawyer who lives in New York and leads a comfortable life. One day he learns about the death of his father, with whom he did not keep in touch for a long time. The main character, taking his wife and two children with him, goes to Kentucky on his private plane to say goodbye to his father. Only they could not get to the place, because they were caught in a thunderstorm, and their plane crashed in a mountainous area. Recovering himself, Marcus found himself in the house of an unfamiliar elderly woman, Eloise. She claims to have left him, but avoids all questions regarding the hero's family. But the worst thing is that this woman practices voodoo magic, so you can expect anything from her. Did the family of Marcus manage to survive the crash, and what awaits him ahead? ..

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