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Favorites Embattled (2020)

Embattled (2020)
Year, country:
Nick Sarkisov
Stephen Dorff, Elizabeth Reaser, Donald Faison
1h 57min
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Jett dreams of repeating the success of his father, and even achieving much greater success in his sports career. But how to become a star, how to break into champions? Certainly, persistence, hard work, including psychological. In sports, you need to be aggressive, partly cruel. This was the father of the young fighter, but the man lost his grip. The parent is literally mired in depravity, noticeably weakened, pretty much throws a glass and dabbles in drugs. A bad example for Jett is not contagious, another thing is that the father constantly edifies and demands the incredible, in fact he wants to replay his life, but the efforts and achievements of his son will not return the former glory. Conflicts grow lumpy, the situation becomes tense. Will the son turn out to be a weakling and will be eliminated already at the initial stage, faced with difficulties? Not at all, he does not shy away from difficulties, he is ready to spend days on end training, to prove to himself and his opponents that he is strong-willed and physically prepared.