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Favorites The Phenomenon (2020)

The Phenomenon (2020)
Year, country:
James Fox
Bill Clinton, Peter Coyote, George Knapp
1h 40min
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People have always believed that the inhabitants of other planets exist in reality and from time to time come down to Earth to establish contact with its inhabitants. The real excitement about aliens began in the 40-50s of the last century, when almost every American state now and then appeared glowing, called by Kenneth Arnold "flying saucers". Someone is skeptical about versions of UFOs, someone, on the contrary, is convinced that there are other worlds in the Universe. This is what the authors of the documentary have thought about, having collected information about UFOs into a single picture.

The film features a great interview with Harry Reid. The Senate Majority Leader became the organizer of secret government funding for UFO research programs. Barack Obama's advisor John Podesta also tried to raise this issue in the corridors of power. And the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, who is also interviewed in the film, does believe in the likelihood of an alien spacecraft crashing in Roswell. By their examples, journalists try to convey one simple idea to the audience: "We are not alone."