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Favorites Son (2021)

Son (2021)
Year, country:
Ivan Kavanagh
Andi Matichak, Emile Hirsch, Luke David Blumm
1h 38min
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Laura is a single mother who genuinely cares about her baby. She enjoys spending time with him, doing things typical of his age. But one day a gang of bandits breaks into their house and intend to kidnap the baby. A frightened mother manages to defend her child. After experiencing a real nightmare, Laura decides to leave the city to avoid a similar situation in the future. But the tests do not leave her. The baby begins to develop a strange and frightening disease. The woman is ready to do anything to save the child's life. But she does not even suspect that the hour of reckoning is already close, and in order to avoid tragedy, she has to figure out her past ...

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