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Favorites Agent Revelation (2021)

Agent Revelation (2021)
Year, country:
Derek Ting
Derek Ting, Michael Dorn, Kayla Ewell
1h 26min
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Until recently, Jim Young was a simple guy, whose dreams and desires were rather boring and certainly did not go beyond reality. But one day everything changed. Aliens scattered unusual pollen over the Earth, which allowed them to control the thoughts and actions of people. But this substance has a completely different effect on Jim. He begins to show unique abilities that shock him. Having learned about the uniqueness of the guy, the government organization takes him to its secret base. There Jim is taught to manage his new abilities. Now the future of all mankind is only in his hands. But to defeat the alien enemy, he needs to not only curb his abilities, but also gain the strength of mind that will allow him to go to meet mortal danger ...

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