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Favorites The Comeback Trail (2020)

The Comeback Trail (2020)
Year, country:
George Gallo
Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman
1h 44min
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Max Barber is a famous but not very honest Hollywood producer. He loves to play with fire, and recently he played out. Now Barber owes the influential crime boss a tidy sum of money, but he does not yet know how to get it back.

Racking his head over where to get so much money, the producer comes, in his opinion, a brilliant idea. He is going to get insurance for the death of an actor during filming. To do this, he selects an elderly movie star and invites him to the lead role in a new blockbuster. Despite the huge number of dangerous scenes, explosions and dizzying stunts, it is impossible to kill the star. But the movie comes out good.

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