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Favorites Silent Night (2020)

Silent Night (2020)
Year, country:
Will Thorne
Bradley Taylor, Cary Crankson, Frank Harper
1h 33min
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Mark is a professional mercenary who has not failed a single order. He dealt with his victims and easily walked away from the police, leaving no trace. The man was considered one of the best professionals in his field, and his fame resounded throughout London. But one day he nevertheless made a mistake and went beyond what was permissible, which eventually attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies to him. As a result, Mark ended up in prison, where he began to think about his life. His priorities and thoughts have changed dramatically. He decided to give up crime forever and, having been released, devote himself to his daughter, who is forced to grow up without a father. But when his dream came true, Mark succumbed to the persuasion of his former cellmate. Now he has to carry out the last thing, which, if successful, will provide him with a calm, comfortable future. But will he be able to get out of a scrape in which many unpleasant surprises await him? ..

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