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Favorites Sleeping with Danger (2020)

Sleeping with Danger (2020)
Year, country:
David Weaver
Elisabeth Röhm, Antonio Cupo, Alison Araya
1h 27min
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Grace Tanner is a flight attendant who dreams of a happy life next to her loved one. But she can't find a decent man in any way. Once her dream came true. Grace met the charming Paul Carter, who captivated her at first sight. The heroine simply could not resist a well-mannered and well-educated man. She plunged headlong into a romantic relationship and was sure that happiness was very close. Only complete disappointment awaited her again. Her second half turned out to be completely different from what it seemed at first glance. In fact, Paul is a real tyrant and jealous who simply cannot build harmonious trusting relationships. Will a woman be able to get rid of the persecution of an inadequate man? ..

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