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Favorites A Week Away (2021)

A Week Away (2021)
Year, country:
Roman White
Kevin Quinn, Bailee Madison, Jahbril Cook
1h 34min
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Will Hawkins is a difficult teenager who doesn't get along very well with others, especially adults. He constantly gets into trouble and trouble, so the elders try to find a way to use his energy in a positive way. However, their desire completely fails when the troubled guy from the movie "Summer Camp" finds himself in the dock.

The judge, having studied Will's case, realizes that if he sends him to a juvenile prison, he can ruin his whole future life. Instead, the servant of the law offers Will to choose between imprisonment and training in a Christian camp during the summer vacation. Fearing a prison sentence, Hawkins chooses the latter option.

Once there, Will immediately begins to feel unnecessary and alien. He shuns his peers, considering them strange. But soon one of the girls begins to reveal the sides hidden in him until this moment. The difficult teenager from the film "Summer Camp" is greatly transformed, for the first time learning about sincere friendship and love. And the enchanting music that sounds in these places for days on end gives him the meaning of life.

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