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Favorites The Banishing (2020)

The Banishing (2020)
Year, country:
Christopher Smith
Jessica Brown Findlay, John Heffernan, Anya McKenna-Bruce
1h 37min
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The film takes place in the thirties of the twentieth century. In the center of the plot is a priest who comes to a small town with his wife and little daughter. He needs to return the faith to the local residents, which has recently been greatly shaken. The thing is that a series of mysterious deaths took place in the town, to which, as it seems to everyone, otherworldly forces were involved. The hero falls into an avalanche of rumors, gossip and superstitions. Almost every resident is in a hurry to inform him about a rich estate in which spirits and ghosts live. Trying to understand what is happening, the hero turns to a famous fighter against otherworldly forces for help. What will the union of a clergyman and an occultist lead to? ..