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Favorites Banging Lanie (2020)

Banging Lanie (2020)
Year, country:
Allison Powell
Allison Powell, Daniela Rivera, Damian Alonso
1h 16min
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Lanie is a cheerful, intelligent high school student who has an atypical character and outlook for her age. She never gets discouraged and tries to find positive even where it cannot be. But gradually the girl begins to understand that growing up is passing her by. While her peers develop relationships and explore her own body and preferences, she immerses herself in her studies. Lanie is not satisfied with this state of affairs and she decides to change everything. The girl intends to lose her virginity and become a more experienced girl. But the guys are in no hurry to pay attention to the typical "nerd". Then the heroine decides to act with her scientific knowledge. Where will this lead, and what discoveries are ahead of her? ..

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