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Favorites Before the Fire (2020)

Before the Fire (2020)
Year, country:
Charlie Buhler
Jenna Lyng Adams, Jackson Davis, Ryan Vigilant
1h 30min
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The world was swept by a pandemic that changed the life of the entire population of the planet, depriving it of a stable source of income and habitual pastime. The main character was a popular actress, but was forced to return to her native provincial town, which she left for a long time to achieve her dreams. After a busy life in a metropolis, it is quite difficult for her to get used to the tranquility in a quiet place. Suddenly, a man from the past appears in the life of a young woman, about which she has long dreamed of forgetting. He is not going to leave her alone, turning her life into a real nightmare. Will she be able to overcome all difficulties and return to a calm life? ..

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