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Sacrifice (2021)
Year, country:
Andy Collier, Tor Mian
Sophie Stevens, Ludovic Hughes, Barbara Crampton
1h 27min
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In 1972, the World Chess Championship is held in the Icelandic capital. The best players from all over the world fight for the title of champion. As a result, two famous chess players reach the final - Bobby Fischer from the United States and Boris Spassky, a resident of the Soviet Union. The game between them turns into a tense and exciting duel. Now this is no longer just a match for the title - this is a confrontation between two geniuses, for whom, with bated breath, the whole world is watching.

Continuing to watch online Sacrificing a pawn, viewers understand that the battle between Fischer and Spassky is not only sporty, but also acutely political. After all, the championship takes place at the height of the Cold War, during the confrontation between two strong powers. America and the USSR compete in everything, trying to prove their superiority. At this time, the victory of the grandmasters acquires special significance for the prestige of the state, each of the countries dreams that it is its participant who will win. Neither Bobby nor Boris has the right to make a mistake.

If you watch the online pawn Sacrifice in quality, you can find out that due to the great pressure, Fischer begins to have psychological problems. He becomes obsessed with the idea of defeating the Russian. An international scandal begins to grow around chess players. How will this story end? Who will win the decisive match?

The images of the central characters were brilliantly embodied by famous American actors: Liv Schreiber (The Painted Veil, Jacob the Liar) and Tobey Maguire (The Favorite, The Great Gatsby). The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Its plot is based on real events. The duel shown in this biographical drama has since been repeatedly called the "match of the century." The film was directed and co-produced by Oscar-winning cinematographer Edward Zwick, known to the general public for such works as The Last Samurai and Legends of Autumn.

Overall, Pawn Sacrifice received positive reviews. Film critics noted the good play of the artists, the fascinating plot, the high psychology of the tape and its availability even for those who are not versed in chess.

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