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Favorites Switched (2020)

Switched (2020)
Year, country:
John K.D. Graham
Miya Horcher, Madeleine Byrne, Denise Richards
1h 44min
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Cassandra Evans and Katie Sharp are high school students who belong to completely different categories of students. The first was always an indecisive and shy girl that few people noticed, but the second is a real school star. Katie is also hugely popular on social media and has many followers who always listen to her opinion. Unsurprisingly, the conflict between these two high school girls has become public knowledge. Cassandra cannot bear public humiliation and, running home in tears, begins to pray that her abuser will receive what she deserves. Waking up the next morning, the girls realize that they are in the body of their rival. Now they will be able to fully experience each other's life. But where will this lead, and can they find a way to put everything back in place? ..

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