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Favorites Spirit Untamed (2021)

Spirit Untamed (2021)
Year, country:
Elaine BoganEnnio Torresan
Isabela Merced(voice)Marsai Martin(voice)Mckenna Grace(voice)
1h 28min
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The beautiful Lucky Prescott is forced to go to her father on the farm, who has not visited her daughter for a long time after the tragic death of her mother. Aunt Cora is taking her niece for the summer holidays so as not to interfere with her grandfather's participation in the election campaign. The Wild West, where Jim breeds horses, completely captivates her, and pets are of great interest. Accustomed to living in the city among the dust and endless bustle, she enjoys the opportunity to meet new friends. During an exciting train journey, she accidentally notices a herd of horses fleeing from the hunters. Lucky meets the rebellious mustang Spirit, who grew up in the western steppes. A stubborn horse does not allow himself to be controlled and tests the owner's patience. The heartless cowboy and his accomplices, who decided to saddle the free animal, close it in a paddock. A self-confident and impudent girl, who fell in love with a stubborn person, rushes to his aid and embarks on an adventure with her comrades.