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Favorites Luca (2021)

Luca (2021)
Year, country:
Enrico Casarosa
Jacob Tremblay(voice)Jack Dylan Grazer(voice)Emma Berman(voice)
1h 35min
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Two teenagers, Luca Paguro and Alberto Scorfano, who are having fun in a picturesque town on the Italian coast, look no different from their peers. Friends ride a scooter, enjoy treats with pleasure, and in the company of a charming girl Julia participate in dizzying adventures.

However, as soon as the boys are in the water or spill liquid on themselves, they are strikingly transformed. They have tails and scales, because they are actually the descendants of mythical creatures that live in the underwater world. The most terrible legends are spread among the local population about sea monsters, but Luca and Alberto are able to dispel superstitions.

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