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Seance (2021)
Year, country:
Simon Barrett
Suki WaterhouseMadisen BeatyInanna Sarkis
1h 32min
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Elite school for girls. It is always quiet and calm here, and the schoolgirls are under constant supervision and supervision of teachers. But one day one student from the movie "Séance" dies under strange circumstances. This generates a lot of rumors and conversations. Some say that the girl was killed by a tragic accident, others - by mystical forces.

Camille is a girl who just recently found herself in an elite school. She enters the educational institution at the very moment when all the students are discussing the recent death. Camille doesn't show much interest in conversations at first, but everything changes after another girl dies.

The second death makes it clear to Camille that something terrible is happening at the school. Since the tutorial from the movie "Seance" does not provide any information, leading to the emergence of new rumors, she decides to start her own investigation.

Starting to search for evidence and questioning witnesses, Camille finds out that the misfortune happened after the girls tried to summon otherworldly spirits.