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Favorites Long Weekend (2021)

Long Weekend (2021)
Year, country:
Steve Basilone
Steve BasiloneJennifer IrwinJess Jacobs
1h 31min
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In the fate of the writer Bart, there is not a very successful period. A man who has recently lost his mother is going through a difficult break in relations with his beloved, and he also loses his former home. Circumstances force this man to take a modest position with a very low salary, Bart also has to temporarily settle in the garage of his friend named Doug. Once at the cinema, a man meets a mysterious lady who calls herself Viena. New acquaintances quickly find mutual understanding and decide to spend a night together in one of the motels. Bart has a sincere affection for this woman, but at the same time he feels some anxiety and fear, guessing that Viena, who does not have a mobile phone or any documents, does not tell him the whole truth about herself.