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Favorites The Oak Room (2020)

The Oak Room (2020)
Year, country:
Cody Calahan
RJ MittePeter OuterbridgeAri Millen
1h 30min
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Steve is a young guy who walks into a local bar to escape a terrible blizzard. He was a fairly frequent visitor to this institution and he had accumulated a solid debt. To settle the matter, he offers the bartender a deal. The guy will entertain the man with scary stories, and if they hook him, then the debt will be forgiven. He began his story with a description of a similar establishment. A strange visitor rushed into it, on the same dark night and in the same bad weather. The owner had already planned to close, but it was somehow not human to kick the man out into the street at such a time. But this is just the end of the story, its beginning is yet to be heard. Soon the bartender begins to realize all the similarity of the situation, and a premonition of something terrible begins to overwhelm him ...