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Favorites Skylin3s (2020)

Skylin3s (2020)
Year, country:
Liam O'Donnell
Lindsey MorganJonathan HowardDaniel Bernhardt
1h 53min
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The film takes place in the future. Humanity collided with alien intelligence, which led to the beginning of a fierce battle for Earth. But, fortunately, the war is over and the long-awaited truce has come. Now people and aliens are learning to live in peace and harmony. Not everything is going as we would like, but the prospects are pleasing to both sides. Life is getting better, but one day a fragile truce is threatened with failure. An unknown virus turns friendly aliens into bloodthirsty monsters that are almost impossible to stop. A squad of experienced mercenaries is tasked with finding the source of the disease in order to make a vaccine against it. The team is led by Rose Corley, who realizes that she is going with her people to certain death. But the well-being and bright future of our planet is much more important than the fighters' own desires ...

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