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Favorites Legionnaire's Trail (2020)

Legionnaire's Trail (2020)
Year, country:
Jose Magan
Lee PartridgeMickey RourkeJoaquim de Almeida
1h 36min
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Nero's army suffered a crushing defeat in the battle of Parthia. Now the two Roman legions have to return home. But for this they must overcome a dangerous path through the mountains of Armenia. Noreno is a legionnaire who is one of the finest warriors. He is very hardy and capable of doing something that many simply cannot do. It is he who is entrusted with an important mission. The hero needs to cross the mountains and return back with help. The lives of the rest of the soldiers will depend on the success of his actions. The death toll is rising as the legions have to face cold and hunger, which not everyone can survive. But the problem is that Noreno is only half Roman. He despises the empire, and he has to make a very difficult choice: save the soldiers or leave them to certain death ...

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