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Favorites Vicious Fun (2020)

Vicious Fun (2020)
Year, country:
Cody Calahan
Evan MarshAmber GoldfarbAri Millen
1h 41min
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The film takes place in 1983 in Minnesota. Joel is a young guy who is unrequitedly in love with his neighbor. One day he decides to follow the girl to find out who she is dating. So the guy finds himself in the back room of one of the bars. The hero falls asleep, and in the morning he discovers that he was in group therapy for his favorite movie characters. They are all horror movie maniacs. Now Joel will have to pretend to be one of them, otherwise he may become another victim of psychopaths. The most difficult thing in this matter is not to cross the line and join the ranks of bloodthirsty killers ...

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