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Favorites The Duke (2020)

The Duke (2020)
Year, country:
Roger Michell
Matthew GoodeHelen MirrenAnna Maxwell Martin
1h 36min
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The Duke (2020) is set in 1961 England. In the capital of the British Empire lives a respectable and most importantly law-abiding sixty-year-old taxi driver Kempton Bunton. A man lives the ordinary life of an ordinary man in the street, regularly paying all taxes and fees. But one day a cab driver, being in his pre-retirement age, does an incredible act for himself. One fine summer, sunny day, the protagonist of the film, having made his way to the London National Gallery, stole the masterpiece of world art, The Portrait of the Duke of Wellington, by the greatest Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

Having stolen the picture, the newly minted thief sent notes to the police and to the newspaper, in which he voiced his demands. Having familiarized themselves with what the kidnapper demanded, presented by law enforcement agencies, journalists and the public were truly amazed and surprised. It turned out that the robber would return the stolen panel when the British government improved the conditions for the unfortunate old people in nursing homes. The shocked policemen, nevertheless, rushed to look for the criminal who was cleverly hiding from the ubiquitous law enforcement officers.

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