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Created Equal (2017)
Year, country:
Bill Duke
Lou Diamond PhillipsAaron TveitJo-Ann Robinson
1h 31m

"Created Equal" is a 2017 drama film directed by Bill Duke. The movie explores themes of justice, ethics, and discrimination in the context of a legal drama. Here's a brief description:

The story follows the character of Thomas Reilly, played by Aaron Tveit, a young and ambitious lawyer who is assigned to defend an African American woman, Sallie Gardner, portrayed by Edy Ganem. Sallie is accused of murdering a white woman, and her trial becomes a high-profile case that puts Reilly's beliefs and convictions to the test.

As the legal proceedings unfold, "Created Equal" delves into the complexities of the justice system and the challenges faced by the characters involved. The film addresses issues of racial prejudice, ethics in the legal profession, and the pursuit of equality before the law.

The character dynamics and courtroom drama play a central role in the narrative as Reilly faces personal and professional challenges in his quest for justice. The film also explores the impact of race and societal expectations on the legal process.

"Created Equal" aims to provoke thought and discussion on issues of equality, justice, and the complexities of the legal system. While not necessarily a blockbuster, the film contributes to the genre of legal dramas that tackle social issues.

As with any film, individual preferences may vary, so it's advisable to check reviews or watch a trailer to determine if "Created Equal" aligns with your interests. Additionally, for the most up-to-date information, you may want to check recent sources or streaming platforms that offer the movie.