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In a Good Way (2023)
Year, country:
Zachary GutierrezJoshua LaBure
Ryan BalasAudrey KovárTom Knoblauch
1h 19m
"In a Good Way" is a 2023 film directed by Big Spence. The plot revolves around an investment broker named Edmond Sanders who learns hypnosis from a mysterious man named "Carl" and uses it to manipulate situations to his advantage, leading to unforeseen consequences. The film has received positive feedback from the audience, with particular praise for its writing, acting, and unexpected plot twists. The portrayal of the city of Fresno, CA, has been highlighted, and a character named Mahal has been commended. The film has a runtime of 95 minutes and is rated R. Overall, "In a Good Way" has been described as engrossing and lively, making it a compelling watch.