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Favorites Mogambo (1953)

Mogambo (1953)
Year, country:
John Ford
Clark Gable Grace Kelly Ava Gardner
1h 56m

The scene is a remote African outback adjacent to an unexplored area where gorillas are found . Here is the base of Victor Marswell ( Clark Gable ), a professional hunter who supplies wild animals to various zoos around the world and arranges safaris . He is assisted by local natives and two whites - Dr. John Brown-Price ( Philip Stanton ) , who does not part with a monocle , and Leon Bolshak ( Eric Pohlman ), who does not dry out from gin. One day, returning from an unsuccessful hunt, Victor finds at home a charming brunette Eloise Kelly ( Ava Gardner), who was going to hunt with the Maharaja of Bangalore, but he abandoned her ... The stern hunter is not happy with the frivolous American, but starts an affair with her.

Soon a pair of English scientists arrive down the river: an enthusiastic Donald Nordley ( Donald Sinden ) and his prim wife Linda ( Grace Kelly ). Donald Nordley is going to gorilla country to make a documentary about them. Victor, carried away by the Englishwoman, quickly puts Kelly on the steamer. On the same day, events occur: Donald has an allergy attack to the tsetse fly vaccine , and Kelly arrives by boat late at night: a perpetually drunk riverboat captain has stranded him after only 3 miles.

After the recovery of Donald Nordley, the whole company goes to the country of gorillas. Victor actively cares for Linda Nordli, about which her husband has no idea. Linda falls in love with him and they decide that Victor will tell Donald about everything while catching gorillas. However, Victor at the last moment does not dare to destroy the marriage of his guests. However, Leon Bolshak hints to Donald about an affair between his wife and Victor, and he heads to the camp. Meanwhile, Victor gets drunk in his tent, Kelly consoles him, Linda Nordley finds them in each other's arms. She tries to shoot Victor with his own gun. This is where their romance ends. Donald appears and sees a wounded Victor and two women. Kelly, saving Miss Nordley's reputation, reveals that Linda shot to fight off the hunter's insistent advances.

The next day, the expedition must leave the country of gorillas in native canoes. Victor Marswell proposes to Eloise. She refuses him, but then throws herself into the river and swims towards him. Their hug takes place during the end credits.

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