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You're Killing Me (2023)
Year, country:
Beth HannaJerren Lauder
McKaley MillerKeyara MillinerJayson Warner Smith
1h 34m
"You're Killing Me" is a 2023 American horror thriller film directed by Beth Hanna and Jerren Lauder and written by Walker Hare and Brad Martocello. The plot revolves around a high school student, Eden Murphy, trying to secure a scholarship by getting the support of a congressman's son, Barrett Schroder. However, she discovers disturbing videos on his friend's phone, leading to a series of confrontations. The film takes a dark turn as Eden navigates the dangerous social hierarchy and fights for survival, uncovering shocking secrets along the way. Released on April 7, 2023, the story involves manipulation, betrayal, and a shocking revelation of a hit and run, ending in a tense standoff with the congressman and his wife.
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