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Women Talking (2022)
Year, country:
Sarah Polley
Rooney Mara Claire Foy Jessie Buckley
1h 44m
Women Talking" (2022) is a powerful and thought-provoking film adaptation of Miriam Toews' novel. It delves into the lives of women in an isolated religious colony who are subjected to sexual abuse by the men in their community. The movie explores the moral dilemma faced by these women as they grapple with their faith and the choices they have to make - whether to fight back or leave their community. The performances by the cast are commendable, capturing the emotional turmoil and resilience of the characters. The film sheds light on the manipulation of faith and the oppressive patriarchal structures that allow such abuse to persist. It is a gripping and impactful portrayal of female empowerment and the courage to speak out against violence .