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Favorites High and Dizzy (1920)

High and Dizzy (1920)
Year, country:
Hal Roach
Harold Lloyd Mildred Davis Roy Brooks
27 min
"High and Dizzy" is a 1920 American short comedy film directed by Hal Roach and starring Harold Lloyd. The story revolves around a young woman who sleepwalks and the doctor, played by Lloyd, who tries to treat her. The film showcases Lloyd's trademark comedic and suspenseful moments, including a climactic scene where the woman sleepwalks on the outside ledge of a tall building. This film, although less known compared to "Safety Last!" (1923), is significant in Lloyd's career as it features his "glass character" in a thrilling situation. "High and Dizzy" is a must-watch for fans of Lloyd's acrobatic adventures and is currently being showcased by Turner Classic Movies in a new digital transfer from the original nitrate print.
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