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Heavy Metal (1981)
Year, country:
Gerald PottertonJohn BrunoJohn Halas
Richard RomanusJohn CandyJoe Flaherty
1h 26m
"Heavy Metal" is a 1981 Canadian adult animated science fantasy anthology film directed by Gerald Potterton and produced by Ivan Reitman and Leonard Mogel. It is based on the Heavy Metal magazine and features various science fiction and fantasy stories adapted from the magazine, as well as original stories in the same spirit. The film revolves around a framing story about an astronaut who discovers a powerful green orb called Loc-Nar that has influenced societies throughout time and space. The orb connects various segments of the film, each depicting a different story. These stories include "Soft Landing," which follows a space shuttle's return to Earth, and "Harry Canyon," which tells the tale of a taxicab driver in a dystopian New York City. The film also includes graphic violence, sexuality, and nudity, and received mixed reviews from critics. Despite the mixed reception, it has achieved cult status and features an influential soundtrack with popular rock bands and artists.
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