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Favorites You'll Like My Mother (1972)

You'll Like My Mother (1972)
Year, country:
Lamont Johnson
Patty Duke Rosemary Murphy Richard Thomas
1h 32m
"You'll Like My Mother" is a gripping and suspenseful 1972 American horror and thriller film directed by Lamont Johnson. The story revolves around Francesca Kinsolving, a pregnant widow who embarks on a journey to rural Minnesota to meet her late husband's mother and family. However, upon arrival, she is met with hostility from her mother-in-law, Mrs. Kinsolving. Stranded at their secluded mansion due to a blizzard, Francesca starts uncovering sinister secrets about her husband's family. As the tension escalates, she realizes that her life is in danger. The film features stellar performances by Patty Duke and Rosemary Murphy and is praised for its atmospheric setting and well-written mystery. "You'll Like My Mother" is a must-watch for fans of suspenseful cabin fever horror and psychological thrillers.
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