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Bowfinger (1999)
Year, country:
Frank Oz
Steve MartinEddie MurphyHeather Graham
1h 37m

Rothbart, who can transform into a giant owl, kidnaps Princess Odette and places a spell on her, turning her into a swan during the day. The only way to break the spell is if Prince Derek pledges his eternal love to her. Determined to rescue his beloved princess, Prince Derek embarks on a quest to find her.

During his journey, Prince Derek encounters various obstacles and allies. He befriends a lively frog named Jean-Bob, a sarcastic turtle named Speed, and a kind-hearted puffin named Puffin. Together, they assist Prince Derek in his search for Princess Odette.

Meanwhile, Princess Odette, as a swan, finds solace in the serene beauty of the lake where she resides. She longs for Prince Derek's love and hopes that he will be able to save her from the curse. As the days pass, their love grows stronger, despite the challenges they face.

In a dramatic climax, Prince Derek confronts Rothbart and engages in a fierce battle to rescue Princess Odette. With the help of his animal friends, Prince Derek manages to defeat Rothbart and break the spell. True love prevails as Prince Derek declares his love for Princess Odette, and they are finally reunited.

"The Swan Princess" is a heartwarming tale of love, courage, and the power of true love's kiss. It teaches us that love can overcome any obstacle and that true beauty lies within. With its captivating animation, memorable characters, and enchanting musical numbers, the film continues to be cherished by audiences of all ages.

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