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Blue Sky (1994)
Year, country:
Tony Richardson
Jessica LangeTommy Lee JonesPowers Boothe
1h 41m
The film "Blue Sky" is a 1994 American drama directed by Tony Richardson. The story follows the marital problems of Major Hank Marshall, a nuclear engineer, and his wife Carly. They move to an isolated army base in Alabama for weapons testing in the 1960s. Carly, who is mentally unstable, causes trouble and begins an affair with Vince Johnson, the base commander. Their daughter Alex also faces problems, dating Vince's son, Glen. Hank faces professional problems and a potential cover-up, while Carly's actions put their family life at risk. The film tells the story of a nuclear cover-up and is based on the real-life relationship between Rama Stagner-Blum's parents. The film received critical praise, and Jessica Lange won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance.
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