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Ron Hopper's Misfortune (2020)
Year, country:
Jaime Falero
Vinnie Jones Sam Medina Franky Lankester
1h 33m
"Ron Hopper's Misfortune" (2020) is a visually stunning film with an intriguing and creative foundation. The story revolves around Sara, a journalist who finds herself drawn to an old abandoned mechanical workshop where she encounters the enigmatic Ron Hopper. Ron Hopper, a mysterious being with fantastical intentions, becomes Sara's unexpected confidant. The film features beautiful composition and production design, showcasing the captivating setting of the workshop. However, one of the criticisms of the film is its slow pace, which makes it difficult to remain engaged. The unclear dialogue further hinders the enjoyment of the film. Additionally, the introduction of an extraneous character later in the story detracts from the overall experience. Despite having multiple potential endings, the film continues on for too long, prolonging the viewer's investment in the story.
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