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Favorites Romance in Style (2022)

Romance in Style (2022)
Year, country:
Michael Robison
Jaicy Elliot Benjamin Hollingsworth Connie Manfredi
1h 24m
"Romance in Style" is a romantic TV movie released in 2022, directed by Michael Robison and starring Jaicy Elliot, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Connie Manfredi, and Jorja Cadence . The movie follows the story of Ella, a designer whose unique clothing designs inspire publishing mogul Derek to include plus-sized fashion in his magazine . As Derek gets to know Ella better, he realizes that she has a positive impact beyond just the fashion industry . The movie has received praise for its powerful and positive story, with a message about perseverance and a typical Hallmark "misunderstanding" between the leads . The actors, Jaicy Elliot and Benjamin Hollingsworth, have been commended for their performances, and the movie has received acclaim for its portrayal of body positivity and a realistic story .
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