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Insomnia (2002)
Year, country:
Christopher Nolan
Al Pacino Robin Williams Hilary Swank
1h 58m
Insomnia is a critically acclaimed psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Hillary Seitz. It is a remake of a Norwegian film and follows Detective Will Dormer, played by Al Pacino, who is investigating a murder in Nightmute, Alaska, a town where the sun never sets. Dormer is dealing with internal affairs investigations and exhaustion, which only worsens throughout the film. He is partnered with Hap Eckhart and together they assist a local cop named Ellie Burr in their investigation. The escalation of the story and unexpected developments lead to a shoot-out and an introduction of a new character, Walter Finch, portrayed by Robin Williams. The film explores the complexities of the main character and presents a moral and guilt dilemma for Dormer. The film received critical praise, particularly for the performances of Al Pacino and Robin Williams. It grossed $114 million worldwide and was nominated for several awards.
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