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Favorites Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)
Year, country:
Norman Jewison
Ted NeeleyCarl AndersonYvonne Elliman
1h 46m
"Jesus Christ Superstar" (1973) is an American musical drama film based on the 1970 rock opera of the same name. Directed by Norman Jewison and written by Jewison and Melvyn Bragg, the film revolves around the conflict between Judas and Jesus during the week of Jesus' crucifixion. The plot follows Jesus and his followers as they arrive in Jerusalem, where Jesus rejects orders to disband the crowd, confronts the temple, and is ultimately betrayed by Judas and condemned to crucifixion. The film features notable performances from Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson, and Yvonne Elliman, who received Golden Globe nominations for their roles. The film ends with an epilogue where the cast leaves, but Jesus is missing.
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