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Killer Dream Home (2020)
Year, country:
Jake Helgren
Maiara WalshEve MauroJohn DeLuca
1h 31m
"Wall Street" (1987) is an American drama film directed by Oliver Stone. The story revolves around Bud Fox, a young and ambitious stockbroker who becomes entangled with Gordon Gekko, a wealthy and unscrupulous corporate raider. Bud is eager to climb the ladder of success and is willing to do whatever it takes to impress Gekko and gain his favor. Under Gekko's mentorship, Bud gains success and wealth but soon realizes the moral cost of his actions. He witnesses the destructive nature of greed and corruption in the corporate world. Determined to make amends, Bud decides to take down Gekko and expose his unethical practices. The film serves as a critique of the excesses and moral compromises prevalent in the financial industry during the 1980s. "Wall Street" garnered critical acclaim for its portrayal of ambition, greed, and the pursuit of wealth, with Michael Douglas winning an Academy Award for his performance as Gordon Gekko.
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