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Rodeo Girl (2016) HD
Rodeo Girl (2016)
Year, country:
Joel Paul Reisig
Kevin SorboCarrie BradstreetSophie Bolen
1h 48m
"Rodeo Girl" is a 2016 feature-length film starring Kevin Sorbo, Sophie Bolen, and Derek Brandon. The movie tells the story of Priscilla, a spoiled 14-year-old girl raised in New England by her wealthy and indulgent mother. When Priscilla's mother decides to go on a trip with her boyfriend, she sends Priscilla to her estranged father's ranch in Michigan for the summer. While there, Priscilla's father and his friends help her train for barrel racing at a rodeo. However, they face challenges when a wealthy farmer expresses interest in buying their land. The plot thickens when Priscilla's mother returns and reveals her boyfriend's true nature as a con-artist. Priscilla disappears, and her father must take action to find her and protect her.