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Run for Cover (1955)
Year, country:
Nicholas Ray
James Cagney Viveca Lindfors John Derek
1h 33m
"Run for Cover" is a 1955 Western film directed by Nicholas Ray and starring James Cagney. The movie revolves around Matt Dow, an ex-convict drifter, and his young partner, Davey Bishop. Mistaken for train robbers, they find themselves being chased by a posse. In the midst of the chaos, Bishop gets injured and is taken to a farm to recover, while Dow assumes the role of the town's sheriff. As they try to establish their innocence, they stumble upon a group of outlaws planning a bank robbery. This sets off a series of events involving a lynch mob, a confession, and a final showdown with the outlaws. Eventually, Dow returns home with the recovered money, acknowledging Bishop's significant role throughout the ordeal. The film is based on a story by Harriet Frank Jr. and Irving Ravetch.