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Favorites Edge of the City (1957)

Edge of the City (1957)
Year, country:
Martin Ritt
John CassavetesSidney PoitierJack Warden
1h 25m
The film revolves around Axel Nordmann, a drifter who seeks employment as a longshoreman and forms an interracial friendship with a fellow worker named Tommy Tyler. The movie explores themes of racism, loyalty, and standing up to bullies, and it was praised for its portrayal of racial brotherhood and African American characters in positions of authority. Shot on location in Manhattan and Harlem, the film had a budget of $500,000 . The opening title sequence and theatrical release poster were designed by Saul Bass, while the score was composed by Leonard Rosenman. Notably, there is a scene where Axel picks up a hunk of pipe that bends while he is swinging it during a fight with Charlie. Overall, "Edge of the City" sheds light on social issues and offers a powerful portrayal of friendship and standing up against injustice.